About Us

The purpose of this site is share information from the family history research of the families listed below.   These families came to Australia in the mid to late 1800’s:

  • Jordan (from Cornwall to South Australia to Queensland)
  • Webb (From UK to South Australia to Queensland)
  • Mitton (From UK to South Australia)
  • Branson (from UK to South Australia)
  • Greenslade (from Scotland to UK to South Australia)
  • Lea (from UK to Queensland)
  • Browning (from Wales to Queensland)
  • Henriksen (from Denmark to Queensland)
  • Gomme (from UK to Queensland)
  • Gallagher (from Ireland to Victoria to Queensland)
  • Miller (from Ireland to Queensland)


You can read more about them in my blog posts {here}.  Feel free to browse, subscribe or leave a comment.  If you identify gaps or mistakes then please let me know!   This is work in progress so you contribution will be a big help.

Please leave a message or subscribe to the posts.   I’m happy to collaborate on research topics.  If you can answer the unanswered questions or other mysteries in the blog then please let me know.  I’ll update the blog and give you credit with the correction.


I also have a family tree [Jordan Australia 2014] on ancestry.com.au.  Feel free to drop in and check that out as well.